Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

This practical two day leadership masterclass equips participants with the foundational skills of knowing, understanding and influencing their own emotions, as well as other's emotions, in order to become more effective leaders. 

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    11. November 2019
    from 09:00-17:00

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  • Duration

    16 hours (2x8)

  • Tuition

    150.000 IKR

Project Manager

Lýdía Huld Grímsdóttir

About the workshop

The workshop is a unique opportunity to learn the science behind effective leadership as well as the skills. It teaches you the core emotional intelligence models, tools and techniques you need to lead with emotional intelligence. By exploring how emotions work in the brain, you will discover why we react emotionally, how these responses can negatively impact our leadership and decision-making ability and what you can do to be more effective and successful. You will experience powerful learning activities that will challenge and expand your thinking and enable you to design personal strategies to increase your effectiveness at work and in all areas of life.  

This programme will increase your ability to 

  • Gain core skills and critical knowledge to engage people and make good decisions
  • Understand the science of emotions - the body and brain connection
  • Understand how our emotions impact us and our reactions
  • Perceive emotions in ourselves, our environment and in others around us
  • Become aware of our underlying emotional triggers and how they progress and change
  • Manage your emotions effectively with practical tools and strategies
  • Build personal resilience

This workshop is for

This workshop is for managers and leaders at all levels of the organization, coaches, trainers, consultants, professionals who wish to effectively learn to manage their own emotions and influence others more positively, as well as individuals who would like to get deeper awareness of their own emotions and other's.

About Emotional Intelligence

The World Economic Forum placed emotional intelligence on the list of top ten leadership skills required for 2020. Two decades of solid research has demonstrated that developing emotional intelligence has a bottom-line impact on performance, employee engagement, organisational climate, teamwork, sales and customer loyalty.

Emotional Intelligence among the ten most important skills for 2020


The workshop will be taught on the following dates:

  • Monday November 11th, from 09:00-17:00
  • Tuesday November 12th, from 09:00-17:00

Please notice that the dates above are published with the notice that minimum participation is reached. 

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Sue Langley

CEO and Founder of the Langley Group and Master Trainer for the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT)