Industry connection

At RU Executive Education and Continuous Learning we strongly believe that cooperation between higher education institutes and industries is key for the economic environment and competitiveness of nations.  At RU Executive Education and Continuous Learning we offer training and education for professionals and managers in technology, business and law, that is designed around current industry needs.

RU Executive Education and Continuous Learning works constantly to strengthen and forge relationships with industries within Iceland. We are also in the unique position of having exceptional access to the knowledge and experience of our owners; The Iceland Chamber of Commerce (Viðskiptaráði Íslands), the Federation of Icelandic Industries (Samtökum iðnaðarins), and the Confederation of Icelandic Employers (Samtökum atvinnulífsins).

Customised programmes

RU Executive Education and Continuous Learning works closely with corporate and public clients designing programs to serve the excellence of each organisation and the sustainable future of our business community.  Our aim is to drive effective, immediate and lasting change for our clients.

To achieve this goal, our programs challenge individuals and teams to  identify points of strength and weakness and establish a plan for improvement.

We would be honoured to work with you with our customised programmes for example with the following approaches:

  • Leadership training
  • Strategic implementation workshops
  • Designing and facilitating corporate events
  • Team building
  • Executive team coaching
  • Specifically designed academic courses
  • National and international speakers
  • Assessments

Conferences and open lectures

RU Executive Education and Continuous Learning regularly runs conferences, lectures, and events in collaboration with industries, businesses, professional associations and organisations in Iceland.


It is of great importance to be in active cooperation with all the major professional organisations in the fields of technology, business and law in Iceland. Our strong partnerships brings us closer to identifying the needs of the economy and  professionals and managers can directly influence the courses we offer.